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Emergency Procedures



Please take the following action:

  • Remain Calm
    • Activate the nearest Alarm Pull Station
    • Call the Fire Department (911)
    • Call the Management Office (781) 890-9800
    • Give your floor, location and company name
    • Give details of the fire emergency
    • After you have notified the Management Office, notify the following:
      • Your designated Floor Captain
      • Your Floor Leader / Alternates
  • Do not attempt to fight the fire if it poses a threat to your safety. If the fire is small enough to be controlled by fire extinguisher, use the handheld chemical fire extinguishers that are located throughout each floor.
  • If an evacuation is necessary follow the accompanying EVACUTION PROCEDURES and listen for instructions.
  • Use enclosed stairwells only; do not use elevators.
  • If caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths, breathe through your nose, crawl to the exit. The air is clearer near the floor.
  • Check doors for heat before opening them, especially if you smell smoke.
  • If the doorknob is HOT, do not open the door.
  • If your clothes catch fire: STOP, DROP, & ROLL
  • Do not rush into corridors or stairwells, especially if you smell smoke.
  • Close all doors behind you, especially the emergency stairwell doors.
  • Once out of the building assemble at your predesignated meeting place.
  • Do not return to the office until the “ALL CLEAR” announcement is given by the Fire Department.