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Emergency Procedures

Fire Response

When you see a fire:

  • Once the fire is detected, a general alert signal will be sounded. If prompted by floor alarm following prerecorded message immediate evacuation will be necessary.
  • Professional help is on the way.
  • If there is an actual fire and it is impossible to move past the fire floor - move up two floors using the stairwell and wait for further instructions.

The operation of any smoke /heat detector, sprinkler water-flow device or manual fire alarm station will automatically:

  • Notify the Fire Department
  • Capture all elevators and return them to the lobby
  • Sound the alert signal throughout the building
  • Open the floor smoke exhaust damper and shut down the air handling units


Fire Control Panel

This is the fire alarm enunciator and controls all alarm pull stations sprinkler-flow alarms, stairwell telephones, smoke / heat detectors, and emergency signals to the Fire department. The fire control panel is located on the first floor behind the elevators.

Alarm Pull Station

These are available on each floor. There is an alarm pull station located near each of the emergency stairwells.

Sprinkler System

Each floor is equipped with ceiling-mounted sprinkler heads. When activated, alarms are activated while simultaneously dispatching the Fire Department.

Stairwell Phone Jacks

Phones are connected to these jacks located in the emergency stairwells and are to be used by fire department personnel involved in an emergency or evacuation situation. Once these phones are hooked into the jacks, direct communication is possible with the Fire Control Panel.

Smoke / Heat Detectors

These are located in various areas of each floor of the building. These sensors make it possible to detect combustible vapors, smoke or fire.

Emergency Lighting

In the event of the loss of electrical power to the building, a complete system of emergency lighting is provided to all floors throughout the building and each stairwell.

Fire Extinguishers

There are fire extinguishers located in numerous locations on each floor for the purpose of putting out small fires to prevent them from becoming more serious in nature. Please use sound judgment in deciding whether or not the situation can be safely eliminated by the use of a fire extinguisher. A smoking or burning appliance should be immediately unplugged.


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