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Emergency Procedures

Fire Prevention Tips

  1. Replace any electrical cord that has cracked insulation or a broken connector.

  2. Do not pinch electrical cords under or behind furniture.

  3. Do not run electrical extension cords under chair mats or across doorways where they can be stepped on or chaffed.

  4. Leave space for air to circulate around heat-producing equipment such as copiers and computer terminals.

  5. Turn off or unplug all appliances, including coffee makers at the end of each workday.

  6. Keep exits, storage areas and stairways free from waste paper, empty boxes, dirty rags and other fire hazards.

  7. Know the locations of fire extinguishers in the building and your work area.

  8. Remove trash on a regular basis.

  9. Close all doors after working hours.

  10. Discard all flammable liquids.

  11. Observe the building’s NO SMOKING policies. Never throw matches or cigarette butts into waste containers (inside or outside of building).