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Emergency Procedures

Medical Emergencies

Should a medical emergency situation develop which requires immediate intervention by trained personnel, proceed as follows:

  • Call 911. Reassure the injured person that help is on the way. Remain calm and provide the following information:
    • Nature of medical emergency.
    • Building name and address
    • Exact location and name of sick or injured person.

NOTE: Do not hang up until the emergency operator does so.

  • Call Building Security at (857) 337-9057. Provide the following information:
    • Your name and company name
    • Nature of medical emergency
    • Exact location and name of sick or injured person
    • Whether or not you have called for trained assistance
    • A number where you can be reached
  • Direct any on-lookers away from the area of the injured person. Clear the area of any objects that might impede the rescue or interfere with emergency personnel.
  • Remain with the victim. DO NOT move the victim unless there is immediate danger of further injury. Keep the victim comfortable and warm.
  • Designate a responsible person to do the following:
  • Wait at the building’s main entrance for medical personnel. When they arrive, direct them to the injured person.
  • Whenever possible, have an elevator standing by for the rescue team.

NOTE: CPR Training and First Aid courses are available via Northeast Security and can be coordinated by contacting the Security Account Manager.. All occupants are encouraged to participate.