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General Safety Guidelines

For your safety, your cooperation is asked in observing the following building safety guidelines:

  1. Notify the Property Management Office of loiterers or suspicious persons in corridors or restrooms.
  2. Turn away all solicitors and report solicitors to the Management Office.
  3. Always lock your suite when there is no one in the office - even if you have just stepped out for a quick moment.
  4. Always remember to take your suite keys and building access card with you when you leave the premises.
  5. Keep corridor doors closed at all times.
  6. Do not leave personal valuables unguarded in reception areas, on desk tops or in unlocked drawers.
  7. Notify the police and the Property Management Office of any crimes.
  8. Collect keys and building access cards from employees who have resigned or have been terminated from your firm and notify the Property Management Office to deactivate these cards.
  9. Copy and distribute these general guidelines to your entire office staff.