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Building Access

Access Card Request

At move-in, tenants are required to complete the Access Card Request Form so that identification cards for access to the building and after-hours access can be issued for each employee. After occupancy, this form should be submitted via the on-line work order system any time a new employee is hired, a keycard is lost, or the access status of an employee changes.

Please note that that this form includes an "Authorized Signature" block which must be signed and dated by your authorized representative in order for us to process your request.

After-Hours Access: Tenants

Please note that after hours access requires the use of a valid access card. Only those employees with valid access cards permitting after hours access will be able to enter the building during off hour periods.

Under no circumstances will an employee be allowed access to their space after hours without their access card or keys.

After-Hours Access: Visitor or Guest

If you are planning to have a guest or visitor before or after normal business hours written notice should be issued to the Property Management Office via the on-line work order system before 3:00 PM of that day. The request should note the names of the guests / visitors, their estimated time of arrival and the floor on which they will be visiting.

In the event that you have an unexpected visitor during non-business hours, the security office on duty will contact your office and you must escort your guest to your suite.

Vendor Access

It is required that all tenants notify the Property Management Office in advance of any vendors or service providers requiring access to the building and your suite.

Please complete the Vendor Access Request Form and submit to the Property Management Office via the on-line ETS work order system at least 24-hours in advance of required access. The management staff will confirm that a valid certificate of insurance is on file, and upon approval, will forward the request to both building engineering and security to coordinate the necessary building access.

After-Hours HVAC

Persons seeking after-hours HVAC should complete the After Hours HVAC Request form and submit to the Property Management Office via the on-line building work order system 24 hours before the requested time. Your company will be billed in accordance with lease provisions each month.